Will Zata work with my Product ?


Zata supports all modern browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge, for showing users product Experiences. However, for building product Experiences, we recommend using Chrome.
We have ended support for Internet Explorer in light of its discontinued support from Microsoft.
If you have users using any version of Internet Explorer, you can select to not show them Experiences, by using our audience targeting/user segmentation functionality.
Note: If you think Zata is not rendering correctly on any specific browser, please send us a screenshot so we can take a deeper look into the underlying issue.

Mobile web and mobile apps

Zata supports mobile web. Experiences are built to be responsive and will adjust as elements on your page move based on the browser size. However, at this stage, Zata does not support native mobile applications.
Single-page apps (SPAs) and front-end frameworks
Zata supports SPAs and all common front-end frameworks (e.g. React, Angular, Ember, Vue, etc.) out-of-the-box and does not require any special engineering work. Simply implement our JavaScript code snippet or integrate it via Segment.com.
Zata requires an initial page load to identify users and then polls regularly to check whether a tour should show based on changing criteria (page URL or user activity).
Zata allows you to build Experiences across any IFrames you might have in your application.
To guarantee ideal performance, please ensure that the Zata code snippet is implemented separately within each IFrame component. Having IFrames load content from the same subdomain as the top-level page makes the process more simple and seamless. Also, ensure that the IFrame element does not use the sandbox attribute
Zata supports dynamic URLs and multiple subdomains (e.g. for your different customers) for your application.
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