Adding Tasks in Checklist
To add tasks in the checklists. Click on Add Task button
In the modal, enter following details :
Label of the step
Description of the step
Step Action - What should happen when user clicks on this task
    Go to page - If you want to redirect the user to a certain page
    Trigger a flow - If you want to trigger a flow when user clicks on step. You can select the flows from list of flows you've already created. You can also first make the user go to a certain page before triggering a flow.
Mark As Done - You can define the criterion which will mark the step as done.
In case of step action being - go to page, you have two options here :
1. When user lands on the particular page you have defined
2. When user matches specific criterion based on the events and properties you send.
In case of triggering a flow as step action:
You have to define the conditions when step will be marked as done.
Last modified 5mo ago
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