Assistant Apps
Zata Assistant has multiple apps which you can add to the assistant widget.
    User tasks or checklists - You can add multiple checklists cards to your assistant and configure them to appear at different times for different users.
    Updates Centre - Card containing all your product updates
    Flows List - List of flows you ve created
    Support Article Lists - You can link relevant support articles in your assistant which are targeted towards certain type of user in specific section of product.
    Feedback - users can give feedback or feature requests or give visual feedback in form of images or videos
    Custom App - you can create your own Assistant app by writing custom html, css and javascript code.
Assistant apps can be configured to show specific customers using segments and conditions.
Targeting for Assistant and Assistant apps happen at two levels :
    At Assistant App Level - you can choose to hide or show assistant apps selectively .by targeting the users who would see a particular assistant app within the assistant
    At Assistant Widget level - you can choose to hide or show the assistant widget based on targeting rules you define for the assistant widget
Last modified 5mo ago
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